What is the Mission of PVEC?
The mission of PVEC is to attract veteran talent to Greater Pittsburgh, support the development of veteran hiring and development initiatives and share best practices to recruit and retain veterans in their companies.


Employer FAQs

For additional questions or general inquiries, who can I contact?

Anthony Groff, Project Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Highmark Health, at anthony.groff@highmarkhealth.org
Chris Phillips, AVP, Military Affairs Liaison, PNC, at chris.phillips@pnc.com
Brian McGuire, VP, Human Resources, PITT OHIO, at bmcguire@pittohio.com

How do I become a member of the PVEC?
For membership information please contact one of our PVEC steering committee leaders:
Anthony Groff, Project Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Highmark Health, at anthony.groff@highmarkhealth.org
Chris Phillips, AVP, Military Affairs Liaison, PNC, at chris.phillips@pnc.com
Brian McGuire, VP, Human Resources, PITT OHIO, at bmcguire@pittohio.com

Does our company representative have to be a veteran or military family member?
Not at all. The PVEC is an organization that welcomes all types of military advocates.

What is the difference between the PVEC Steering Committee and Member-at-large group?
The PVEC Steering Committee is a group of representatives from organizations within PVEC that have expressed interest in leadership of the PVEC. The steering committee is rotational and will be looking for new members to fill key roles on the committee.

A member at large is an organization that is part of the PVEC and attends the quarterly meetings.

If your organization is interested in holding a seat on the steering committee, please reach out to the current co chairs: Anthony Groff, Project Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, Highmark Health, at anthony.groff@highmarkhealth.org and Chris Phillips, AVP, Military Affairs Liaison, PNC, at chris.phillips@pnc.com

As a PVEC Employer Member, what are my responsibilities?
As a member at large of the PVEC, there are some expectations to be able to contribute to the coalition. If you or your organization have any concerns regarding any of the expectations, please reach out to the PVEC.

1. Participation

  • Attend 3 of 4 PVEC meetings per year
  • Complete IVMF administered PVEC surveys
  • Sign non-disclosure agreement with Syracuse University and share veteran hiring and retention data

2. Engagement

  • Share best practices with other PVEC members
  • Attend events and activities with PVEC members
  • Share PVEC information through individual and organization platforms at least biannually

3. Performance

  • Leverage measurement and evaluation to increase performance as a collective
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Encourage increased military hiring by a percentage to be determined

Will my company gain military veteran employment and ERG / BRG best practices?
Being part of the PVEC does allow for opportunities to learn and share veteran employment and ERB / BRG best practices through a number of avenues to include our All-Members meetings, subcommittees, and website. As military-friendly organizations, we all have the opportunity and ability to learn from one another to provide the best experiences for military veterans and family members.

Do I need to provide military recruiting metrics to the PVEC and how is that data handled?
As a PVEC member, you will be asked to fill out surveys periodically throughout the year. Although not a requirement, it is important to share as much data and information on company metrics as allowed by your organization. Data is a key part of how the PVEC operates and it’s important for the organization to understand the recruitment and retention of military veterans and family members.

The data is disseminated by the IVMF who will secure all information. At no time will any organization’s data be identified and will remain confidential. All data is lumped together and shown at a high level.

If your organization does not allow you to share data or does not track metrics, that is fine as well. The main ask is for companies to complete the survey in a timely manner.

How do I hire military veterans and family members through the PVEC?
By becoming a PVEC member, you join a group of organizations committed to hiring military veterans and family members. Not every candidate is going to be a great fit for your organization, however, by sharing resumes among the PVEC network you are continuing best-in-class hiring experience.

You will also have access to a number of organizations that provide military-specific hiring events.

Is there a cost to become a PVEC member?
There is no employer cost to become a PVEC member.

What organizations make up the PVEC Steering Committee and Member-at-Large group?
Accenture, Corporate America Supports You (CASY), City of Pittsburgh, FedEx Ground, Giant Eagle, The Heinz Endowments, Highmark Health, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, Pitt Ohio, and PNC.

Members at Large are those that are listed on the Partners page – there are over 80 organizations that make up the Coalition.

Veterans/Military Families FAQs

How does PVEC help me?
The PVEC is made up of military-friendly organizations that want to hire, retain, and provide services for military veterans and family members. Through collaboration, the PVEC provides resources through our partners at no cost to you. For a list of our partners, please click on our Partners Page (link to Partners Page).

What resources are available to me to assist with a career/skill-building

CASY – Career/ Resume – Learn More

Onward to Opportunity – Career Preparation and Development – Learn More

PAServes – Coordinated care network to 20 service categories – Learn More

CIVEASE – Military transition and career development – Learn More

What resources are available to my family

PAServes – Coordinated care network to 20 service categories – Learn More

Western PA Veteran Student Academic Alliance (WPAVAA)Learn More

Is there any cost for me to use services via the PVEC?
Not at all. All services provided through the PVEC are completely free to you as a military veteran or family member.

Onward to Opportunity FAQS

What is Onward to Opportunity (O2O)?
Supported by grants from JPMorgan Chase & Co. and the Schultz Family Foundation, Onward to Opportunity – formerly known as the Veterans Career Transition Program – utilizes an online learning platform to help active duty, selected reserve, veterans, and military spouses learn business, technology, and other relevant skills to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Participants may choose to work towards one of our supported industry certifications administered by globally recognized organizations. O2O combines industry-validated curricula, strong partnerships, comprehensive career coaching and employer relations services to match program participants with job opportunities or professional development – leading to meaningful career opportunities.

The program started as Veterans Career Transition Program (VCTP) in 2011. In 2015, Onward to Opportunity launched at two installations. We aligned the two programs in spring 2017 under the O2O-VCTP umbrella. The program is now further streamlined and has a single name, Onward to Opportunity (O2O). Learn more about O2O here.

Who is eligible for O2O?
Due to the grant-supported funding involved to plan for successful program completion, each eligible candidate can participate ONLY ONCE in the program. When admitted to the program, plan to commit time to complete the coursework within 90 days of program start (your program advisor will outline the expectations at the start of the program).

Active Duty Military – Any transitioning active duty service member who will transition from military service in the next 6 months with an honorable discharge status.

Veterans – Any veteran who has separated or retired from the military with at least 180 days of service and an honorable discharge.

National Guard / Reservists – A member of the National Guard and Reserve that is currently in a part-time status. If the service member is on active duty status in the National Guard or Reserve, they are subject to active duty eligibility. At least 180 days of active duty is required for eligibility.

Spouses –Spouses of any active duty military service member, eligible veteran and member of the National Guard or Reserve currently serving.

How can I apply to O2O?
Complete the interest form to begin the application process. Please be sure to select the specific program location closest to you. For those not located near one of our program installations, we do acknowledge your interest to participate in the online-only model of the program; please select “Not located near any of the above-listed installations” on the interest form (last question on the short interest form).

Enter your unique non-military email address when completing the interest form (Do not use a shared email address.)

How long will I have to complete the course?
Your first course must be completed within a maximum of 90 days of your cohort start date (program advisor will provide the timelines related to your specific course). Stay engaged with your advisor in case of life changes. If you do not complete your first course within the stated time, and not connect in a timely manner with your advisor, we will review the case, and you may be removed from the program.