Pittsburgh Veteran Employer Coalition (PVEC)

Welcome to the PVEC - dedicatED to building and leading a
long-term, sustainable coalition of employers supporting
the military-connected population in the Pittsburgh
community through a data driving initiative that
connects military talent to corporate opportunities.

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Since late 2017, a dedicated group of employers in the Greater Pittsburgh region has convened with the aim to make the region the best place in the country for veterans to work and thrive. Local employers of all types, alongside support of The Heinz Endowments, have gathered regularly over the past 18 months to collaborate and share model practices to recruit and hire military-connected talent, maximize the value of veterans in the workplace, and leverage Pittsburgh's higher education institutions to develop a robust military talent pipeline into the community.


Today, this group has formed into the Pittsburgh Veteran Employer Coalition (PVEC) comprised and led by companies committed to working together to attract military talent to Greater Pittsburgh, support the development of military hiring and development initiatives, and share best practices to recruit and retain veterans in their companies.

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June 2017

After discussion with The Heinz Endowments, IVMF submits a proposal and is awarded a grant to fund six activities to bring together Pittsburgh employers and coordinate veteran hiring initiatives and further solidify Greater Pittsburgh’s efforts to recruit and retrain transitioning service members and their families into the community.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

PVEC is officially kicked off with over 80 individuals representing various employers in Pittsburgh dedicated to improving their veteran hiring initiatives.

DECEMBER 18, 2017

PVEC 2nd activity hosted more than 60 people and the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association (PHRA) for a roundtable on how to best leverage other resources available as well to share best practices on recruiting, hiring, and retaining veterans.


PVEC Steering Committee is established with a representative from Highmark, PNC Bank, Accenture, People’s Gas, Pitt Ohio, PHRA. The intent for the Steering Committee was to help guide the PVEC into a sustainable model after the initial activities and provide guidance and support to area employers. They continue to meet on a quarterly basis.

MARCH18, 2018

Activity #3 included an Employee Resource Group (ERG) primer and local employer presentations. This was attended by over 40 representatives.

JUNE 7, 2018

PVEC 4th activity included a moderated panel of veterans and spouses describing their struggles to find meaningful employment and fit within the private sector throughout Pittsburgh.


PVEC online toolkit is launched and the Heinz Endowment awards another grant to IVMF for a two year sustainment plan for the PVEC to focus on technical assistance and data analysis.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

This 5th PVEC activity incorporated representatives from Pittsburgh’s leaders in higher education for the commitment required student veterans and their spouses thrive post college and service.


Onward to Opportunity – Pittsburgh launches at the 911th Airwing with a cohort of 30 veterans and family members.


Highmark and PNC Bank are selected as co-chairs of the PVEC during sustainment and a Charter is drafted to guide the PVEC.

DECEMBER 4, 2018

IVMF officially transfers primary authority of the PVEC to the Pittsburgh community with the lead of the Steering Committee and Highmark and PNC Bank.

Key Dates


If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming PVEC events or more details, please contact the coalition at

May 22, 2019

PVEC Member at Large Meeting 10-12 Energy Innovation Center, Pittsburgh

July 10-11, 2019

O2O Pittsburgh Cohort 3 | Members may volunteer as Instructors for Business Management and Information Technology Tracks

September 25, 2019

PVEC Member at Large Meeting